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Provider of Networking Services, Technical Assistance/Consultation Services, Wired and Wireless (802.11b/g/n WiFi) Internet access to select communities and surrounding areas.

Our Firsts:

  • 1ST ISP to serve both Harvey and Hico, WV, with local Internet access.

  • 1ST 802.11b/g/n WiFi local Wireless Internet provider available to both Harvey and Hico, WV.

  • 1ST ISP in WV to offer simultaneous IPv4 and IPv6 protocol addressing and browsing natively to subscribers.



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UWXISP Services

Other than just providing Broadband Internet Connectivity solutions, UWXISP often performs services such as:

Networking Services

Services include the setup/configuration of networking devices or entire networks used by commercial, home users, and special applications, as well as configuration of wireless networking (WiFi) for internet & file-sharing.

We can perform each aspect of networking connectivity, including:
    Network design;
    Addressing Topography;
    Installation and Configuration;
    WiFi Installation and Deployment;
    Aurhorization Security;
    All other required aspects.

Installation Services

Installation of physical Computer and Server Hardware such as:

    Memory Components,
    Hard Disk Drives (HDD),
    Multi-Computer/Server KVM Systems (Keyboard, Video, Mouse),
    Network Attached Storage (NAS) Solutions,
    Multi-Monitor Systems,
    Printers, Scanners, and other Peripherals

Operating System Installations/Upgrades

Installation/Upgrade of Operating Systems on both Servers and Personal Computers/Laptops/Netbooks using Windows or Linux, as well as setting up Dual-boot Systems where more than two Operating Systems may exist on the same physical machine.

Contact UWXISP to present your ideas, needs, and requirements for connectivity or other solution(s) through the CONTACT page.

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