Underground Worx ISP

About Us

Underground Worx ISP was formed in an effort to provide non-existent local Internet access to residents of Harvey and Hico, WV, and the surrounding communities, through the use of WiFi (802.11 b/g at the time). We are still a fledgling ISP, and as such on a thread budget allowance for equipment.

The project was originally operated wholly with donated machines and outdated (some say obsolete) equipment from within our parent, Underground Worx Companies, and a few partners in the purpose of:

  • Utilizing outdated equipment that remains functional in an effort to keep out of local landfills (repurpose recycling).

  • Assisting local community by providing technical services & parts to maintain/repair computer equipment that otherwise would be too costly for owner(s) to replace or purchase new.

  • Provide reliable, low-cost wireless Internet access to the surrounding communities as an alternative to dial-up service speeds, or inability to use dial-up service due to outdated POTS lines in the area(s).

We still try to assist with the upgrading, redistribution and repurposing of computer equipment for those who may not otherwise be able to afford more modern hardware.

If you have ANY unneeded or outdated computer equipment we would gladly try to make some use of it, or redistribute it to someone who could in an effort to get them some access to the internet, or for them to use for testing, development and educational purposes.

To make a donation send us a message by using the Underground Worx Companies CONTACT PAGE.