Wireless Internet Access (802.11b/g/n WiFi)

Underground Worx ISP offers 802.11b/g/n WiFi Internet Access to subscribers in select communities and surrounding areas. All that is required is to have a UWXISP service account, a WiFi-enabled device such as a Mobile, Laptop/Netbook, PC or a Wireless Router, and to be within range of a UWXISP Coverage Area.

It is possible to be outside of a UWXISP Coverage Area and still have the ability to have service, however such requires the usage of specialized equipment in order to be able to transmit/receive WiFi signals over long distances.

Whether you choose to use our services, or those of another firm, we can assist any one with obtaining, installing and configuring such extended-range capabilities.

WiFi Internet Access Subscription



Up To 12Mbps Speeds

WV UWXISP Coverage Area Map